I'm a front-end web developer based in Atlanta, GA. I have passion for constructing modern interactive websites using the latest browser technologies as well as tablets and mobile devices.

I specialize in HTML5, CSS3, JS & jQuery but can also be found tryng new technologies to fulfill other clients needs using various languages and JS libraries. At the moment I'm fascinated by the nitty-gritty of the most popular and used frameworks for responsive web development Bootstrap, Preprocessors and the Streaming Build System.

When taking a break from web development you can catch me watching professional wrestling and football, mountain biking, kicking back on my PlayStation or enjoying some downtime with my wife and our 3 animals.


If you want to give your opinion about my work, collaborate with me or just to say hello, contact me by using the form below.


Weley Chitwood

Phone: 803.719.1505

Email: wesley.chitwood1@gmail.com

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